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Denmark is often mentioned as one of the world’s happiest countries. But why? Let’s look deeper into the danish happiness.

The happiness of the World is every year measured by the World Happiness Report, and Denmark has always been in the top of the lists. To the question on why, there is more than one answer. Meik Wiking, director of the think tank Institute for Happiness Research, is interviewed in an article on dr.dk, and comes with the following 5 reasons:


Top five reasons on danish happiness

  1. Presence of extreme unhappiness is very low
    “The key lies in understanding the answer of those who are the most unhappy. On a scale from 1 to 10, where 10 are happiest, 50 % of Bulgarians answer 5 or less. In Denmark, only 15 % of the answers is below 5.” (Meik Wiking)
  2. High rate of personal security
    “If we get sick, we can get to the hospital. When we grow old, we are taken care of and when we become unemployed, we can get public support. This makes us feel safe.” (Meik Wiking)
  3. High prosperity
    There’s a high equality in the danish society, that means that there is a low rate of extreme poor people in Denmark.
  4. High degree of freedom
    “Regardless of our parents’ income, we can choose the education our skills reach. We can also marry who we want, regardless of the gender they have” (Meik Wiking)
  5. incredible confidence in each other
    “Researchers talk about trust as a miracle substance in the Nordic countries. For example, we can leave the stroller outside when we are at the cafe. We trust the man on the street. It makes everyday life easier and reduces stress and worry.” (Meik Wiking)